You Will Know Our Names (Xenoblade Chronicles) Jazz Fusion Arrangement

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Also known as the "Oh crap, I've been spotted by Rotbart" song.

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Finally getting around to doing some more Xenoblade on the channel! This was planned well before Pyra and Mythra got into Smash (rest assured, I have some stuff planned from XC2 as ), but it turned out to be somewhat of a nice coincidence! I played XC2 first, and actually picked it up on a whim, when I was in need of a long RPG game for some travel I was doing a few years ago. Somehow, it became my favorite RPG, and possibly my favorite game of all time! I then picked up Xenoblade Chronicles Definitive Edition when it came out on the Switch in 2020, and absolutely loved that as well. I'm a bit more partial to XC2 over XC1, but just by a bit!

You Will Know Our Names is one of many many great battle themes in Xenoblade Chronicles, but it probably has my favorite melody out of all of them! Ever since hearing this song in game, my thought was to take it in a Japanese jazz fusion direction, inspired by some of my favorite bands like H Zettrio and Fox Capture Plan, and bring out the intensity of the theme using acoustic instruments! The original track uses a lot of distorted guitar to drive things forward after the intro, so I had to figure out how to translate some of the guitar riffing to piano. It ended up working surprisingly well! The melodic parts, primarily played on horn and trumpet in the original track, translated pretty well to alto and tenor sax. I actually recently got a soprano sax (after filming this video, probably would have used the soprano instead of alto here), and I'm looking forward to giving that a whirl on some tunes!

One other small addition is the snare drum I'm using - I picked up a Yamaha Recording Custom steel " x 14" snare drum, and I loooove playing it! It has such a nice attack and volume. Still definitely working on my drum technique, haha, but I'm happy with the progression here.

Hope you enjoy this! As I mentioned earlier in this little writeup, I do have some XC2 stuff planned, and you'll see it when it's ready :)

♫ "You Will Know Our Names" from "Xenoblade Chronicles" composed by ACE+
Mix by @Julia Henderson
Edit by Peter Gilette

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