World of Warcraft: Thin the Flock - Quest ID 10869 (Gameplay/Walkthrough)

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World of Warcraft: Thin the Flock - Quest ID 10869 (Gameplay/Walkthrough)

- Quest information:

Lieutenant Gravelhammer asks that you kill 14 Shienor Talonites and 6 Shienor Sorcerers and then return to him in Allerian Stronghold.

- Relevant Locations:

This quest starts and ends in Terokkar Forest.

- Description:

The arakkoa have attacked us again, this time striking in the night and then using their dark magic to escape before we could marshal our soldiers.

Veil Reskk and Veil Shienor lie to the north and northwest. Find these arakkoa nests and kill as many as you can. They may not fear us, but at least we can thin their numbers.

- Completion:

Well done class. The arakkoa have learned to fear the might of the Alliance.


Terokkar Forest is a zone in central Outland that is home to Shattrath City, as well as quest hubs for level 62-80 players. The northern half of Terokkar is lush and the quests cover the threat of the Arakoaa and magic-addicted elves. The souther half is a wasteland known as the Bone Wastes, created when the Shadow Council blew up Auchindoun. There is also a daily quest hub, Skettis, for players with flying mounts--rewards include vanity items.

Terokkar Forest ranges from levels 15-30.
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