Why Is Biden Bad For Turkey, Which Is Good

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I don’t speculate on election results in Turkey, or elsewhere, but according to all the polls I’ve read, Jo Biden is way ahead of Trump. Neither do I take side in Trump vs Biden, it is the American who will make the best choice. Yet, markets are apprehensive of Biden and perhaps that is a good thing. There is another group of people who are not too keen on the Biden for President theme. Autocrats. Russia’s president for life Putin and Turkey’s Beloved Chief R. T. Erdogan lead the pack of skeptics. Focusing on Erdogan, he has good reasons not to pray for a Biden victor. Turkey doesn’t have any friends left in Washington DC, and Senate sanctions were delayed thanks to covid-19 outbreak. Yet substantive problems between the erstwhile allies are not resolved meaning Biden could undo what Trump has permitted: A benign neglect of Turkey’s anti-democracy drive and diplomatic choices.

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