The Master is Watching

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Many Watchtower apologists and supporters today live in fear of the Governing Body and those who enforce its rules and unique views of chronology, prophecy, and everything else. They simply accept what is not correctly based on God's Word and remain silent while many are misled. This is spite of the explicit teaching of Jesus that those who would come in his name, even claiming his name and proclaiming, "The end is near!" should not be 21:8.

While a few exist in the organization who are putting themselves at risk to try and help those whose faith has become tied to the wrong things, it is impossible for anyone to openly speak out against lies and false teachings the way the apostle Paul was able to do with Peter and others (Galatians Chapters 1 and 2), or like those in Ephesus did according to Revelation 2:2. Even if some of these disagree. So it is clear: If you are in the Watchtower organization you are either openly supporting what is clearly not correct, or you are hiding what you believe about what is not correct.

This video is meant to encourage all those in the Watchtower organization and who understand the "will of the Master," to either openly confront them about their false teachings like Paul did to Peter, and like those in Ephesus did to those who claimed to be "apostles, or to get out now and join those who are not trying to enslave you, but who understand the will of their who choose to do it rather than follow those who are not, those who even contradict his will and claim to be "the Truth," when we all know that is the Master, not those who refuse his 12:47-48; John 14:6.

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