Super Smash Bros. Ultimate - Can Min Min COMPLETE These 28 Challenges?

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Min Min wasn't around for any of the "Who Can Challenges in Smash Bros Ultimate" so it's time to let her try out all the challenges out that was made in the stage builder and other Let's see if Min Min will pass or fail them!

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Time Stamps:
0:00 Introduction
0:34 Who Can Jump Over The Giant Candlestick?
0:49 Who Can Save The Princess?
1:11 Who Can Escape The Dirt Pit?
1:28 Who Can Cross The Windy Bridge?
1:52 Who Can Squeeze Into The Baby Club?
2:11 Who Can Jump Over The Flaming Smash Ball
2:27 Whose Final Smash Can Go Through A Steel Wall?
2:43 Who Can Break The Target?
3:21 Who Can Break The Target With Their Final Smash?
3:38 Who Can Break Into Area 51 To See Them Aliens?
4:10 Who Can Jump Over Luigi's Mansion
4:22 Who Can Outrun The Flaming Smash Ball On The Hotwheels Track?
4:32 Whose Final Smash Can Outlast Kaklang?
4:41 Whose Final Smash Can Break The Barrier? (KOF Stage)
4:58 Who Can Break The Target On The Christmas Tree?
5:16 Who Can Deliver The Christmas Present To Santa's Workshop?
5:27 Who Can Make The Chandelier Jump?
5:40 Who Can Escape Prison?
6:06 Who Can Score A Basket?
6:31 Who Can Outfall The Koconut Drop?
6:51 Who Can Climb The Highest Wall? ()
7:10 Who Can Survive The Big Blue? ()
7:41 Who Can Make The Hyrule Jump? ()
8:00 Who Can Jump Across Hyrule? ()
8:15 Who Can Go Under The Final Destination ()
8:37 Who Can Cross The Training Stage? ()
8:58 Who Can Break The Barrier With A Physical Attack ()
9:16 Who Can Beat Sonic In A Race? ()

All The Smash Bros Challenges in This video can be found on this playlist! Go watch them or I eat all your cookies!


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