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Yo What Is Up Guys Itz Vortex Here And Welcome To Another Video. In This Video We Go Over Update 54 In Bubble Gum Simulator! There Is A New Portal With So Many New Features! New Currency! And So Much More Make Sure To Watch the Whole Video :O

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???? UPDATE 54 ????
☄️ Something at the meteor has changed!
???? Can you solve the puzzle of the shadow ancients? (Part 1)
???? New Shadow Realm area
???? Earn Shade Shards by completing quests!
???? Spend your Shade Shards at the new shop!
???? New Limited Time Egg here for 3 weeks!
????️ Season 10 is here!
???? Tons of new pets!
???? New Shadow Potion that lets you enchant your pet past 40!
???? New Competitive Leaderboard! Compete each month for TONS of free boosts and prizes

???? UPDATE 53 ????
???? New Egg in the Mystic Forest (Pastel Egg)!
???? 9 new pets!
???? ???
???? Mystic Forest index reward pet is here!
???? New exclusive pets for sale from the Travelling Merchant!
☄️ u̴̠͝n̶͆̚i̶̾̇d̵͋̇e̵̾͒ñ̸̐t̵͛̅i̵̋̆f̵͊̔i̸͂̀é̴̇d̸̍͝ ̴̓̐o̸̒̒b̶̿̈́j̵̧̇e̴͆͛c̷̡̐t̵̉͐ ̷̃͂d̸̝̒ê̸̕t̴̓͆e̷̎̆ć̴̂t̷̿̅e̵͛̓d̸̈̒
???? Season 10 comes next week along with competitive season leaderboards!
???? Spring event is over.

???? UPDATE 52 ????
???? Part 2 of the Event is here!
???? New Egg in the Spring world!
???? 12 new limited-time pets!
???? ???
???? New Spring Event rewards!
???? Collect Flowers to earn exclusive reward pets!
???? New item in the Spring Event shop!
✨ Event shop has been restocked!
???? New Events coming this weekend!

???? UPDATE 51 ????
???? Part 1 of the Event is here!
???? Check out the Limited time event area with new currency!
✨ Collect Giant Chests across all the worlds to earn extra Flowers!
???? 3 New Limited time eggs!
???? Over 25 new pets!
???? New Limited time Shop in the event world!
???? New Season 9 Starts at 3:45 PST!
???? Save 10% by buying all challenges at once!
???? You can now redo the season (once completed) to earn even more rewards!
???? 50th Update Challenges are here for one more week!
???? Bug Fixes

???? UPDATE 50 ????
???? Celebrating Bubble Gum Simulator’s 50th update!
???? Limited-time event egg!
???? Limited-time event crate!
???? 9 new pets!
???? 6 new hats!
???? New feature: Mythics!
???? All new Legendary Pets, from this update on, have a chance of hatching in a Mythic Variant! (1/200 chance)
???? Mythic Variants have the stats of their normal versions!
???? New Update 50 challenges!
???? Event hats give multi-world currency multipliers
✨ Shiny and Mythic hatches will now display in the chat
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