June 10th Solar Eclipse 2021 - The Ring of Fire Portal Has Opened!! (Prepare NOW)

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on the morning of june 10. two weeks after may's supermoon and total lunar eclipse. an annular solar eclipse will take place. those able to witness the eclipse are in for a spectacle: during annular solar eclipses. the moon blocks the sun's center. leaving the sun's bright edges to form a "ring of fire" around the moon. since the blood moon eclipse on may 26. we have been walking a portal between the old and the new. between one state of consciousness and the next. this portal finally comes to an end on june 10. with the arrival of the new moon solar eclipse. this new moon solar eclipse represents a new beginning. whatever path has been cleared for us by the blood moon. we can now begin to see where we are heading. no matter where we currently stand. this solar new moon eclipse will ensure that we are headed in the right direction. it signals a time to embrace the new.

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