DISABLED UI Challenge! Horrific Vision 5 MASKS - Enhancement Shaman | World of Warcraft | Waves

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This time around I did a challenge that a viewer recommended and it was a lot of fun. Not being able to see my health or sanity or even what enemy I targetted was really interesting. I hope you enjoy watching the challenge. If you got any more ideas for challenges, be sure to let me know.
If you got any questions, feel free to post them below! :)

Traits: 3x Natural Harmony, 1x Ancestral Resonance, 1x Roiling Storm, 1x Thunderaan's Fury

Talents: Lightning Shield, Forceful Winds, Spirit Wolf, Hailstorm, Feral Lunge, Sundering, Elemental Spirits

Essences: Major - Blood of the Enemy (rank 3), Minor - Purification Protocol (rank 3), Minor - Breath of the Dying (rank 3), Minor - Conflict & Strife (rank 3)

- Expedient X
- Severe VI
- Lash of the Void II

You can check me out here:

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