COLD SHORES. Russian TV Series. Episodes 1-3. StarMedia. Thriller. English Subtitles

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Director: Sergey Komarov (III)
Screenwriters: Alan Khurumov, Maria Waxman
Operator: Sergey Komarov (IX)
Composers: Vadim Maevsky, Mikhail Himakov
Artist: Grigor Ter-Mesropyan
Producers: Andrey Anokhin, Vladislav Ryashin, Alexander Kushaev
Actors: Kirill Safonov, Ekaterina Vilkova, Anastasia Mikulchina, Sergey Puskepalis, Alexander Gorbatov (II), Galina Polsky, Nikita Panov, Evgeniya Malakhova, Igor Khripunov, Elena Papanova, Kristina Anufrieva, Eldar Tramov, Soslan Fidarov, Denis Konstantinov, Dmitry Alexander Nikulin, Alexander Borisov (II)
Series: 8
Genre: Thriller

For several months now, the inhabitants of Ozersk have been living in constant fear - a maniac has appeared in the city, which disfigures and strangles young women. After a quarrel with her husband, the rich heiress Maria Vorontsova goes missing. The head of the police department, Boris Novinsky, entrusts the case to a young investigator, yesterday's trainee and his daughter Alina Novinsky. The search for Vorontsova ends to no avail, but they become an occasion for the rapprochement between Alina and Maria’s husband, Mark.

Four years later, they have a strong family. Once Mark goes on a business trip and meets a woman, like two drops of water similar to Mary. Mark is unable to cope with the feelings that once again surged over him and throws Alina for the sake of a woman so frighteningly like his first wife. Meanwhile, in Ozersk, the wave of murders resumes - judging by the handwriting, the mysterious maniac that everyone has already forgotten about is on the hunt again. Alina returns to police work and the search for the maniac, which will lead her to a shocking clue ...

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