????BLESSINGS COMING FROM CHANGE ????✨Timeless Pick-a-Card ✨PORTAL 5/5/5 ✨Collab with ????@Kino Taro

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????BLESSINGS ????Coming from CHANGE ✨Timeless Pick-a-Card ✨PORTAL 5/5/5 ✨Collab with ????@Kino Tarot ????✨
Thank you Kino for letting me do this reading with you! You are such a kind soul, love you ???? my Egyptian Soul Sister ???????????? Namaste ????????

1 - The Sirian StarSeeds Tarot- 05:00
2 - The Witches Wisdom Tarot- 27:14
3 - The Angel Tarot- 47:43
4- The Shimmering Veil Tarot- 01:10:54
5- Tarot of the Divine- 01:36:09

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Love & Light, Thank you so much xx

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