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Three years later… Ken and I are BACK with another best friend tag while keeping social distancing, of course! We cover birthdays, nicknames, favorite gummy bear flavors, and even first impressions. It's going to be a good one!

Watch our first best friend tag here:

0:16 What is my lucky number?
0:21 What is my favorite gummy bear?
0:32 What is the way I order my pizza?
0:59 What do I most look forward to in the fall?
1:15 Do I clip, file, or bite my nails?
1:31 What is my favorite carnival ride?
1:44 What is your nickname for me?
1:53 What is something I don't like, that everybody thinks I do like?
2:22 What was my first impression of you?
3:18 How do I like to sign off my vlogs?

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BEST FRIEND TAG WITH KEN! Socially Distant Style! | Barbie Vlogs | @Barbie
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