Actually Using Advanced Prototype | Rhapsody Plays Monster Train: The Last Divinity - Episode 31

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Monster Train is a deckbuilding roguelike set aboard the train to Hell, where you must defend multiple vertical battlefields to keep the enemies from derailing your plans, literally. The game's first paid DLC "The Last Divinity" has been fully released, featuring a whole new clan - the Wurmkin! Also hosting a new final boss and new locations, events, and even new kinds of ways to upgrade cards, the game can be purchased on Steam at -

● Patch Note Rundown & Analysis -

● Monster Train: The Last Divinity playlist -

This series uses Rawsome's "Move Battle UI" mod to make space for the webcam, you can find the mod here -

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● Ladder Streak Season 4 playlist -
● Monster Train: Friends & Foes playlist -
● Monster Train: Wild Mutations playlist -
● Monster Train Release playlist -
● Monster Train (Beta) playlist -

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