Access Virus Ti - Cinematic Sounds Walkthrough

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"Cinematica" soundset working with all Virus versions - B,C,Ti,TI2.
For this demo we are using Virus KB

Are you dreaming about your Virus synthesizer can sound like real analog

Welcome to "Cinematica" Soundset with authentic & organic sounds ready to
go in your original sound track!

You can find soundset HERE:

Powerfull & rich sound modeling like never before.

LFO team celebrates 10 Years of working with Access technologies - from A to TI2.

Thanks for analog modeling technology which is great in Virus, we re-create 51 lush & deep sounds with maximum authentic feeling.

All sounds bpm syncable & modulation wheel approved.

Powerfull unison strings, stunning unusual arps, deep pads & polys
great for soundtrack atmosphere, synth-pop & retro wave music, dancefloor music.

Rediscover & Enjoy Your Virus!
Working with Virus B,C,TI,TI2
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