2020 | 3 New Indie Horror Games - Gameplay

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Trying out three new indie horror titles on steam. Not full game play walk-through just initial game plays. This is my first ever video, I am open to constructive criticism please comment and help me learn how to grow.
1)A Place, Forbidden DEVELOPER: A Team Forbidden PUBLISHER: A Team Forbidden A Place, Forbidden is a first-person, lo-fi horror-puzzle game set in the Library of Ouroboros, a seemingly innocuous library that, rumor has it, contains knowledge not meant for the eyes of mortal man. We hope you enjoy your visit.
2)Alice | 愛莉澄 DEVELOPER: 838s Maniacs PUBLISHER: 838s Maniacs Alice(愛莉澄) is a Japanese roguelike horror game. This game aims to escape from the construction site at night.
3)Lightless DEVELOPER: Bahman Aminipour PUBLISHER: Colubris Studios Inc. Lightless: The 21st Sacrifice is the first episode of an atmospheric horror game series set in 2018 Iran, Saqqez that tells the story of Navid, a writer who finally comes home, only to find himself strangled by a dark past that will not let go.
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